Some leftover animations for Matt

Hi all

Just watched the stream “anwyn” and I was excited as @sdee about Matt joining Team Stonehearth as an Artist.

Just wondering if this also means that you looking at leftover animations, like animations to the different critters. Right now they all act like bunnies. :slight_smile: I found that strange since the very first alpha and always hoped that you give more variety to the different Fauna that is around.

Same goes with “old” animations like hearthlings not climbing up a ladder but “moving up”, that would also be a nice new animation to do.


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@malley should be interested to hear about this :slight_smile:

Pretty pleaseee?? :cry:

hehe, this is something on my list of ‘things i would like to address’ : ). it will be a while, but when i get the time i want to invest a good bit into ambient creatures.