Hearthling Alert System

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to run by an idea I was thinking about with you guys, and see what you thought!

I’m sort of going back here to the Sims, where if one of your characters is need of food, the toilet, or sleep, they would look at the camera and wave their arms in the air.

For Stonehearth, I was just thinking this may be a nice addition to not necessarily for when a Hearthling is hungry or tired, but when one of them is stuck. Of course, and a much easier approach could be to just have an icon over their heads indicating so as well. However, I was just thinking this would a ‘cute’ little feature to add.

But no matter, what do you guys think? As always, let me know!

Also, and I hate doing this, because I never want to be one of those people who just screams at the developers for as much content as possible. “I WANT RAINBOW FAIRY UNICORNS ALL THE TIME, EVERYWHERE! MAKE IT HAPPEN!” Yuck…

Anyway, I was just thinking that with the new sound effects added for the monsters/enemies (Just because they look different, doesn’t make them monsters! They have feelings too you know! : D ), could noises/voices/sound effects be added for Hearthlings?

Again, it’s just a thought. Honestly, with the way I’ve seen the developers work through their DEV Streams, I know, and I think a lot of you would agree, they have plenty on their plate and are working their butts off, so I don’t want to overburden them with such concepts. But once again, just a thought.

But more importantly, what do you guys think! Let me know!


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Hearthlings do cry when they’re hungry and that’s generally a good indicator that they’re stuck. Perhaps a sound to go with it would be a quick fix. I know that doesn’t let you know they’re stuck right away, but it’s a start.



Oh, that’s right, isn’t it?

Honestly, I keep forgetting that’s a feature.

But yeah, I agree! I think a sound to go with that animation would not only be hotfix, but suitable to what I’m looking for.

Thanks Averest!



@DontCallMeSurly Great suggestion, there were a few times where I was in slice view and didn’t realize my hearthling was stuck up on a rooftop for some reason or other. I only found out when I get the so and so has died message.


I was also thinking it would be a good way to know you left your footmen in guard mode as well since they don’t go and eat. Footmen shouldn’t cry. Perhaps a grumble, because big girls don’t cry.



Sweet reference at the end there. But yeah, I totally agree!

And honestly, I didn’t even think of that. Great idea!

And @Tamira,

Just wanted to say, thanks for the comment!