[suggestion] idle hearthlings chat with each other -- speech bubbles

I have heard a few times the devs mention that hearthlings will independently do things when not assigned to a task, like dance or go to festivals. I think chatting to each other in a visual way, like with speech bubbles, would be cool. I have attached screenshots from Spore and Sims to show what I mean. Sometimes they just talk about random glyphs that allow us, the watcher, to develop our own stories (which I like), and sometimes they will talk about things in recent memory (their partner being promoted, work, woohoo).

It would be cool to see hearthlings “discussing” goblins, berries, tools etc on their “down” time.


like i know they will add something like this - when the have finished the important parts ^^ they will also add that the play football etc. in their freetime ^^


I imagine the Hearthlings making weird noises similar to Minecraft villagers, though I’ll accept chat bubbles too!

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my hearthlings already stand around too much doing nothing…work d*** you work!!!

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Maybe having lots of social and free time would increase the hearthlings morale! Plus, they could always talk during lunch or during work!

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or footmen might from time to time practice combat against each other!

True! But that might result in some ahem accidents