Conversations make Hearthlings stop tasks and not finish them


I was preparing my city for the gong attack thing and I wanted to place turrets down. I built two and assigned them to their locations. My engineer begins bringing the turret over to place it down… but my soldiers start a conversation so my engineer drops the turret and chats. Then the engineer just leaves without even finishing her job. Then the kind mason comes over from across the city to pick up the turret and place it down like 1 inch away. My suggestion is if someone is holding something or doing something important while a conversation is initiated just have like a clock icon appear above where it means they don’t have the time and so they complete the action. Just my thought on preventing errands that take forever to complete.


This should be fixed on the latest version: hearthlings won’t start talking to people carrying things. The current plan is for the fix to be making its way to the stable branch next week.


Will conversations continue to happen when there are other tasks that need to be done? If I have every hearthling set to haul and there are things sitting on the ground waiting to be hauled, I shouldn’t see any conversations happening. Or anyone petting squirrels. This update has really killed productivity. Conversations should happen passively and never take precedence over tasks.

I made an account just so I could give feedback on this because it’s the first update I’ve experienced in this game that I think is negatively affecting the game.

Hi there to all,

Same thing with me and the new conversation mechanisms, it’s purpose certainly gives Hearthlings that little bit of flair with their personality however the consequence is that I have to add about 5-6 or even 20 days for one simple task to finish (in this case clearing out a mining tunnel that certainly wasn’t an enormous project. As stated by Pastersnacks it would be great if there was some kind of limitation to this conversation, perhaps a time clock to state they are too busy at that moment. Or two of my own ideas of Hearthlings sharing conversations around the campfire at night or even while working if their workstations are close enough they could share conversation. Like a stonemason and potter sharing some gossip as they craft or two cooks while stirring stew or two farmers as they share ideas, opinions or secrets either about other Hearthlings or about their trade. Just some thoughts and as always it’s been great hearing from the developers, I really do love this game. Best wishes to all.

Thanks for the feedback! We’re still tweaking conversation frequency and behavior, so it’s very useful for us to hear of your experiences with them. Please keep it coming!

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I don’t know if what I’m seeing has to do with conversations but there is a noticeable slowdown of work productivity around 30-35+hearthlings. It tends to happen once I acquire the next tier of buildings and have built a few of them. Hearthlings just don’t get stuff done. Moreover, distance seems to make them less efficient as well as the town grows or as they have to go out further for resources. Not sure if you can speak to that in this thread. Thanks.