Haveing conversations wile working

how about they have conversations wile they are working because It seems to me that my Hearthlings spend all day talking and not getting any work done.

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I get how this can be frustrating to folks. I’ve had this issue with coworkers in the past. They’d stop working to stand around chit chatting, so I’d tell em “If you can’t work and talk at the same time, don’t talk.” When you constantly have to not only do your job, but then help folks that can’t be bothered do theirs it can get to ya lol.

That being said Hearthlings aren’t exactly on the time clock lol. They’re living their lives in a communal fashion, and they all do it. To me it kinda comes across as the difference between living in a small town and a big city. It’s a much more friendly laid back atmosphere. Yeah it may mean that the wall you wanted built isn’t finished by the next monster spawn, or that all those berry bushes you wanted harvested don’t get done before the next Daily Update and ya miss the mark on food, but it’s not the end of the world…most of the time.

Besides it looks like ya made a mod to make them have less conversations.

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I kinda wish the game worked a little closer to real life, that Hearthlings had a “job” to go to at 8 am, that they’d clock out from at 5 pm. You’d need to lengthen the day a little for this to make sense, I think. Also, we’d need to write a bunch of content for what Hearthlings could do after work – play, relax, explore, get together and party, lovely little things that would make you care that much more that the lil guy gets home safe from work. I know it’s kind of off-topic, but I think it would be a neat solution to the “all talk, no work” issue – give h’lings a dedicated time to work, and a dedicated time to talk :smiley:

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That’s an interesting solution, and could be a lot of fun too!

Another option would be to find a way to limit the chit chat to mealtime. If you could make it so they eat and talk at the same time, and get credit for both, that could be a work around for folks wanting more productive hearthlings. Not as fun as your suggestion, but practical.


The world is a big place Moai, just remember that what you define as real life, is not necessarily the same as everyone else :slight_smile:

But as a system to get the game to flow better, it might work? I kinda like how i am not in total control of the hearthlings, it gives them more personality…

gib,gob…goblins… :merry::heartpulse:

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