Problems/Items for the game

First of all I just want to ask a simple question, are you Ok with this singular chat room to be recorded?

Secondly for now, why did you add heartlings speech? Is it to make a small thing with them easier, or just because you couldn’t think of something else at the time?

Also the main problem that makes hearthlings stuck is the scaffolding, maybe you should make it more… reasonable. I honestly cannot think of another word though.

I meant stuck in the scaffolding, as in they go into the scaffolding, they place blocks in the very tip of their hitbox, than when the scaffolding is destroyed you have a floating, starving Hearthling.

Another thing is that the Hearthling talk to each other too much, can you make their jobs a higher priority than talking, maybe make a thing where you can schedule their break times, sleeping times, and eating times, and more, and you edit it for every hour, but the less sleep, eating, and talking the sadder the Hearthling, and you need the Hearthling to be at least content to get more Hearthlings.

Finally, can you make it so every holiday, there will be a single random item, that a random Hearthling can make, that will be that holiday themed, maybe make it three items per job, or maybe a secret item you randomly find from killing, unlocking, or pure luck. It would make the holidays more special.

  1. Welcome to the forums, @Xin. :slight_smile:
  2. You can put all your posts into one, that is ok. ;).
  3. The developers added hearthling speech to make them seem more human-like, instead of mindless worker robots that do you bidding. It is a way for the dev’s to put emotion, soul and personality into the hearthlings.
  4. That about the starving hearthling, that might be a bug (I don’t know, sounds like one.) For that, there is the bug report section in the forums, it is under the support category.
  5. Jobs have a higher priority than speech and free time in general. Hearthlings talk while they are idle. In some cases, problems can cause workers to excessively go idle, which leads to lots of talking, which is then blamed for the work not getting done. I’m not saying there is such a problem, but there might be.
  6. Holiday’s?

Thanks, and holiday’s as in Halloween, Christmas, etc. Finally, what do you think about the schedule?

Also can you add a creative mode?

P.S. I took a single image from google, than Photoshoped The X to be a galaxy(Also taken from google) than made my own gradient for the backround.

Do you like it?

Can I record this post though? I mean when It’s finished.