[uA23r765x64] AI Priorities / Task and Chat / Building Queue


First time I played uA23 and I queue up a task the hearthlings standing right next to it immediately start chatting instead.

The hearthlings need to be able to multitask so that they can chat while doing things. Starting a base takes even longer than it did before and what makes this worse is that having them chat when your cpu happens to get utilized then they forget everything stand still and chat forever. This makes them seem even more robotic than before because it draws my attention to the cpu and not the hearthlings.

I get that it seemed like a good idea to have them do something while you wait for pathfinding to get queued up, I just don’t think it can be done in a way where its not immersion breaking.

Make more hearthlings do the same work [Better Ai]

I really think there needs to be a building queue as well.
Buildings should be built in the order that I confirm to start building. Its really silly that I can queue up tens of buildings and none of them will be completed in a reasonable amount of time.

Its a noob trap. Right now, the more buildings you try to build at once the worse your game is going to be.

Yes, I know you can pause building one thing to prioritize building another, but why not just limit hearthlings to 1 construction job at a time? Then you would only need to pause buildings if you do not like the queue order that you set at the start.

If necessary just rework the crafting orders ui to work on the town screen for construction jobs. This way when you queue up a building to be built, you will use only enough resources to finish the current building and you get something done.


After observing the hearthlings for awhile longer I realized that all the orders to harvest plants or chop down a tree meant that they would walk way out there, chop it down, leave it on the ground and then walk back. They just need to pick up a few things and carry them before they come back and it would be a lot more helpful in the early game.

I know it was mentioned before but,
Some changes to behaviour when carrying items

edit ah this was marked as planned. my bad, looking forward to it being added soon hopefully :slight_smile:


I just wish my hearthlings wouldn’t grow MORE stupid the longer a game has gone on. After awhile, they just start dumping inventory on the ground, in spite of having room in stockpiles and storage containers, they stop building altogether, several crafters either stop crafting or take ten times longer to craft because the workers aren’t moving materials so the crafters have to march out to wherever something was harvested themselves and pick up the items. My neat little town turns into a huge mess. All of this starts happening around 20 hearthlings but, it seems, putting in a blacksmith can make it happen sooner and it’s ALWAYS the blacksmith that starts the slow down on crafting or just not crafting at all or stopping crafting to go mine (I always have to turn mining off so they’ll do their job).

I know people complain about this part of the AI a lot, but you’d think they would have fixed it by now.


I’ve had hearthlings drop what they are doing to go eat and then take ages to resume the task, they need to finish things.


Yeah it seems to be the same for me… about 20 hearthlings and things start to get out of hand. Then again by that time I have at least one error if not more… no idea what these errors mean so maybe they are impacting the gameplay in this regard?


It’s been confirmed it’s just optimization issues at this point, AI gets overloaded as you get more and more hearthlings. Just part of playing an alpha as the gamecode evolves.


Yeah, I get that. Most of us get that. But it’s something one would have thought would have been addressed more closely by now. Even before 20 hearthlings, things can go sideways and the game becomes virtually unplayable. With or without mods.

Also part of playing an alpha, continuing to give feedback. :slight_smile:


yeah my main problem with the blacksmith is the crafting queue is simply not long enough to put constant fill orders for each type of ingot and armor set available-I hate managing crafting orders.

as I have mentioned before, clay is the most precious material in the game, and coal / iron/ copper/ tin that you can buy from the trader infinitely are much less valuable, because of this I always get a backlog of ores in my stockpiles that I just cannot sell fast enough because traders don’t have enough gold on them to satisfy my trading demands. this causes a huge problem that eventually causes crafting to slow and eventually grind to a halt.