Some changes to behaviour when carrying items

I think it would be better when Heartlings don’t drop the items they’re carrying when eg they get hungry or sleepy.

Like, I sometimes, in the beginning, have them pick up berrybushes or other plants they have to walk a long way to get, when half way carrying items back, they get hungry, and drop the item on the ‘spot’ , walk back, in the dircetion they were going to have to carry it anyway to get food and then return to pick up the item again, and get sleepy drop it again ^^, walk the same way back to go to bed, while they could have carried it. This sometimes happens several times especially if the carry job is past to another Heartling who starts doing the same.

i think it would be better if the carry/haul jobs are not interrupted by needs and fullfills the need to sleep or eat after the item has been dropped in a container or re-planted.



This behavior will be improved in A23. Actions will be more sticky, and only extreme hunger/sleepiness/etc. or significantly more important tasks will interrupt ongoing activities.


Rimworld has a mod for this problem actually. I think its called While You’re Up

Having this in the base game would be great.