Alpha 8 64bit Footman carries items

One of my footman finished fighting off some goblins, grabbed some wood and continued patrolling. He was in a party all by himself and I had just turned off the alarm. Best guess is the AI said gather before he went back to patrolling? Makes for a very funny pic though! I couldn’t stop laughing. Build is the brand new “i can’t use all the memory up” 64 bit edition! Loving it.


HA! It sort of fell off him when he got hungry!


I had this happen to me prior to the new build, and so it’s not specific to it.

Usually happens if the footman is carrying something to a stockpile and then switches to patrol mode.

Just needs a drop_carrying command to the patrol_action. ( I think… but I’m totally making this up.)

So you are thinking the footman still have the carry in their profile? Or is the patrolling being called in the idle after a carry is?

Not entirely sure, as I’ve been away for a few months and haven’t seen this issue in a while.

Looking at the footman inject commands - carry isn’t in there. Begs the question, are injected commands in addition to the worker class, or an override? In which case they should be able to build too, and I haven’t seen that.

Let me see if I can inspire a footman to do something else.

well i also saw thia awhile back with a hunk o’ stone,


Lol that is too funny. I love alpha bugs…or is it a feature?

Odd…it is the same head…i’m sure the is just coincidence…

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All is in the image below.

i dnt know why.

A9 Build 256

that he move something isnt new ^^ because when you have a footmen and more stockpiles then footmen he helps like a normal worker - sooo the bug is more that he helps or that he doesnt dro the item when he get a patrolroute ^^


He’s not actually carrying the item. See last screenshot, the hand is behind and the item is floating / stuck.

If we could manage to repro and record it in video or gif…

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well hes not carrying it, but he does go pick it up as if he was a worker…

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I have encounteret it too.

Ill try to “catch him” on video next day.

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hmmm perhaps this is stucked to the issue that when you have more footmen then stockpiles they will help like a worker?

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i believe it is, though when i first got it i only had 1 footman

1 footmen but no stockpile? hmmmmmmm perhaps they are not related xD but to be honest i havent seen it till today :wink: and like you see i have played it very oft to test all bugfixes and translations xD

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[quote=“Wiese2007, post:17, topic:10116”]
but to be honest i havent seen it till today
[/quote] ive only had it happen twice, and that was in alpha 8.

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I have seen it in Alpha 9 too, forgot to mention it. Changing footman back to worker seems help, but it’s funny glitch/bug. Because, he drop of weapons and grab “belt-stuck” wood and carry it to the stockpile.