[B393] Footmen loot when they wake up from sleep

Footmen take loot and then carry it around with them. and the loot becomes useless.
ive had it happen a couple of times. and im not sure about this part because i never see them do it. but in all the times the footmen fought of invaders in the night and after the fight went straight to sleep on the ground.
next day i see him walking around with loot.

steps to reproduce.

  1. footman is asleep.
  2. let it fight and the mob drops loot.
    3 footman goes to sleep
  3. use loot command on the loot.
    5.wait for the footmen to pick it up
  4. ???
  5. profit

again not sure if the sleeping is a factor but its too much of a coincidence so i will report as a factor in the bug

for anyone with this bug and want it gone. open console with the ~ key on your keyboard, select the loot and type: kill
this destroys the loot and it will look normal

this looks about the same as this one,

except in R-393 and its a “looted” item, so it might be different.


might be that they fixed the bug but its still there with the loot command. because its different from normal collecting