Footmen Not Dropping Backpack Items

Hey Team Radiant!,

Just had a quick little bug to report. One of my little ‘meh’ bugs that really aren’t that important, but a bug they are nonetheless.

With that, it appears that if a worker is carrying something in their backpack… If that worker is promoted, in my case it was to a ‘Footman,’ before the items in the backpack are dropped in storage, those items will remain there indefinitely.

And that’s it!

Looking forward to the 100th stream on Tuesday and congratulations!


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Hey @DontCallMeSurly, I have never paid attention to this before, now I will have to. Just so I know where to look, is this alpha 11 or 12?


Oh! That might be could if I posted that, wouldn’t it…

Sorry for that; it’s the latest build as of 10/12/2015, being DEVELOP 2630 x64.

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I’ve noticed this as well in my games but just wrote it off. Have you also had them occasionally pick up items on the ground? For me it’s always been after sending them as a party to attack a goblin camp. If I don’t immediately drop the attack order they will mill about the camp and sometimes pick up items on the ground. They usually drop them back down but not always.

Hey @Mortio,

Yeah, I’ve had that happen as well. Moreover, I’ve even had it to where they picked up items and actually drop off items in storage, however that seems to be pretty rare.


how many footmen do you have? if you have 2 or more they actually do gather stuff, or that used to be the case…

Hey there @8BitCrab,

When I experienced this little glitch, I had three footmen, with no upgrades to their profession.


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Interesting, for me by the time the goblins show up I tend to have 2-3 footmen so that would jive with what you’re saying.

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Paging @Albert and @sdee, this is still an issue in release 472. Footman do not drop help items before (or after) being promoted to Footman.

after promote my hearthlings i managed it to have a footman (see screenshot) with promotion items in inventar. He isn`t released it to other hearthlings, so the game is blocked.
Happens to me in a new game (less than 5min playtime)

Steps to reproduce:
Actually i cant really say the steps for sure. But it happens to me in a new game. Here the steps i take so far.

  1. played with rayyas children on a desert map with normal difficult
    a) select farmer hoe, wooden sword and spindle as starting items
  2. start a settlement, collect some of the nearby resources (to keep hearthlings busy)
  3. start mining somewere close (to keep hearthlings busy)
  4. promote hearthings (here it must happen)
    a) maybe one hearthing was promoted twice (eg potter and soldier)
    b) maybe one hearthing was carrying a tool back to the stockpile and was promoted then.
    somehow promotion items stack in the backback of my footman
    the promotion item is listed in the inventory and everything is like i can use it regulary. But promoting someone has no effect.

Expected Results:
Promotion items shold not stack in the backpack (footman should empty the backpack in every possible situtation). Promotion sould “use” a item from backpack or send signals to drop the promotion item.

Actual Results:
Somehow promotion items stack in the backback of my footman. Can`t promote my hearthings anymore.
the promotion item is listed in the inventory and everything is like i can use it regulary. But promoting someone has no effect.

Happens to me in a new game (less than 5min playtime). Think the acutall bug can be reproduced with some clicks/commands.
I think this is not related to “footman promotion bug”.

Attachments: (5.2 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
latest steam version 2820, no mods

System Information:

I had this once too. Not sure how it happened, but after some (very long) time he didn’t had items anymore, I guess he deposited it, maybe when upgrading his equipment.

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I have seen this happen right at the start of new town, since hearthlings seem to carry most of the starting resources and tools in their inventory and the AI, once promoted to footman, doesn’t unload tools to stockpile… Untill they can upgrade their equipment

Best workaround is to make a stockpile, wait for the tools to be unloaded and then promote to footman.
Footmen holding onto items doesn’t seem to happen if they are picking something straight from stockpile.

On site note, not sure if intentional or not, but after getting few levels, footmen may stop patrolling for day or two just to haul items. It’s nifty actually!

in A14, you can disable the footman’s job button to make him/her not patrol. Then, they will restock :slightly_smiling: