[2521] Footmen don't empty their backpacks

My footmen have stuff in their backpacks and they do not want to store them.


I can confirm this in 2521 that it still exist

to reproduce:

  1. have a worker do a task that collects any object (puts it into their inventory/backpack)
  2. before they empty their inventory into any type of storage, promote them to a footman
  3. enjoy the item you will never get back unless you un-promote.
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Thanks for the repro steps, @Yosmo78 :smiley:

Paging @sdee && @yshan (to vary)


I just noticed the same thing. Was going to open a new thread when I saw this one. The Footmen are always on duty and they never empty whatever they had on their backpacks when they were recruited.

Have Fun, Kyth.