Trapers knife for footmen?

Now, very simple I’ll just explain what happend, you might had a similar situation. In my opinion it’s a bug, I could be wrong.

I dont use any mods.

I started a new settlement, with a trapers knife AND a sword.
I promoted a footman before I tried to promote the traper, usually i go for a traper very first… but i forgot.
As I realized we need a trapper I was actually able for a promotion, but nothing happend after the claping sound.

Well finaly as my very first footman died later on in the game he droped that trapers knife we were missing before.
strange enough for me therefore he had the choice of knife or sword. and after he took it i still had the option to promote a traper wich didnt work.

ty for reading

What may have happened is that the worker was carrying the trapper’s knife when you promoted it to a footman and then the backpack was not emptied in a timely fashion. I still think it was a bug though, since promoting hearthlings should drop everything.


This has come up before…but I thought it was resolved. Hearthlings should definitely drop everything when they change classes. Paging @Relyss to see this tomorrow.


That’s interesting. I think that it’s the patrolling taking precedence over restocking, you can uncheck the Job from the footman as a way to force them to empty their backpack.

This is probably only happening for combat classes. Thanks for reporting, @Cheeky_C!

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