Hearthlings refuse to get promoted

I started a new game and got my first footman.I needed more so I told another hearthling to be a footman.No matter what I do, this won’t happen.The hearthling will do what he wants and not what I tell him to do.I restarted the game twice and nothing happened…I had all the requirements for him to be a footman. This game is on hard mode and I never experienced the same bug earlier.Please help

Can you post a screenshot? Did you have a second sword for the second footman, or was the sword still being used by the first footman?

I have 2 swords.Otherwise the game would not allow me to promote him

Hrm. What’s the hearthling doing instead? Can he path to the sword?

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Do you have the savefile where this was happening? Could you upload it?

Here is my suggestions:

  1. Create a new item for promoting, use console to remove all unreachable item: dump_inaccessible_items
  2. Try using console command: ai_reconsider
  3. Go to Citizens Panel (Press C), pause all following work types: Build, Mine, Job. Leave Haul on continue. After the hearltings finish restocking items, turn all back on.
  4. Reset game.
  5. Also remove any the queue tasks if they can’t be finished. If you wanna make sure, remove all queued tasks. (try this step before step 2 if it still doesn’t work after step 4)