[Dev 2391 (x64)] There Can Only Be One! (Footman)

Upon starting a new map, do to how well zombies have been working, I’ve attempted to promote a couple footmen. After promoting the first one though, no other Hearthlings would promote to footman, even though wooden swords were available.

We’re possible thinking of hanging Ragnar under treason, for refusing to serve his country. Court hearing will be next week, after we build the courthouse.

AMD Phenom II X4 965 Processor, ~3.4GHz
16 GB PC3-12800
AMD Radeon HD 7770 (x2)
Crucial 256GB M4 SSD

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he’s just fussing about the Vikings TV series season coming to an end… he’ll be perfectly fine in 2016… :laughing:

but yeah, this should be easy enough to reproduce…


Hm, can you promote to any other kind of class? Also, does save/load fix the problem?

Save Load fixed the problem, and I haven’t been able to repeat it since. In a second game however, I did get this error after promoting my first footman;