Make more hearthlings do the same work [Better Ai]

It atm feels like the ai is very limited with working on different jobs. You can have a ton of people idle even tho there is big builds to be done and even tho you have mining set out for them at several places many just goes idle.

Building Ai
When building houses hearthlings are very slow and clumsy. They get stuck while building and they also stand and think way too much between every hit they do on the building and sometimes it feels like the building overall is single hearthling threaded that causes a huge bottlekneck of speed when building houses limiting the build to almost 1-2 hearthlings that actually builds while you have 10 workers that could.
Many times the workers stand and wait for another worker to their part and i would love if they worked as a team instead.
Maybe this will be sorted soon with the new building system i hope so atleast :slight_smile:

Lazy Hearthlings :heart_eyes:
These are a few ide ones but many times there is even more idle.
These screenshots are from the same time they have buildings to be built, mines to be mined and loot to be looted.

There is just to many hearthlings that idles in current alpha 23 when there is a ton of work to be done and the ai needs big improvement for building houses so that they can work together better which means we will probably build houses up to 5 times faster than currently.

Throwing loot on ground
Also noticed a hearthling dropping his loot on the ground few minutes ago when there was storage space for him he just dropped it out random in nature

Killing Hearthlings
Not sure if this is fixed in Alpha 23 or not but in 22.5 your hearthlings often went to save a hearthling and dropped them halfway home to die or next to the bed very rude :smiley:

Combat ai
Combat is also weird with the ai for example the healer sometimes is just lost healing workers instead of the fighting group which can result in an entire village dying.
Your troup always hangs out at the farm and i don’t really get why it’s setup this way it makes little sense to me. What would make more logic to me would be if your hearthlings patrolled roads / buildings. perhaps have a home zone like Rimworld has.

Noticed also recently that many times when i tell my soldiers to go somewhere they don’t do as i say and instead stop and start talking while there is invaders which is kinda frustrating :slight_smile:

Troops should move together and meet up at a close point before the place you marked for them to attack or more to so they don’t run in alone and die because they are faster or was closer. Perhaps allowing to move them at their own speed could be allowed aswell. That works in some RTS games that they either move same speed or move at their own speed

What’s your guys thoughts on the current ai?


If I may quote myself

I do not have the Killing Hearthlings Bug anymore, I think, but this (was) is really a problem.

The AI needs some improvements but I think that they are working on it a lot but out of our sight.


yeah I don’t think they put all the new stuff into A23. I think its obvious what needs work

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