AI Improvements

In my opinion, the main issue with this game at the moment is the AI. There are quite a few things I would really like to see improved as fast as possible.

  1. When Hearthlings fight and start to flee, they should either run to safety or keep on fighting, not something
    in between. Right now all they do is run around in circles until they get killed. Making them flee to indoor
    areas or similar safe zones, would make the game a lot better.

  2. When Hearthlings build and can’t get to a certain position, there should be some sort of emergency way of
    getting there. The scaffolding is cool and all, but it is so annoying when they stop working on a building,
    because the structure is too close to a wall or something like that. As a temporary solution, simply placing
    the block from with some sort of teleportation would work. For a long term solution, a crane system or
    something like that would keep the realistic theme of the construction.

PS: Thanks for all the great work you’ve put into the game recently, I absolutely love it!

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