[Dev Blog] - Team Radiant Levels Up, Landscapes, and Streams!




flash stream! :smile:

So a few minutes after I post this, I’ll go ahead and fire up a stream
just of me working. We’ll see how this goes.

and another hearty “welcome aboard!” to Albert… :+1:


I would say… I am all in :slight_smile:

And a warm welcome to Albert.


watching the adjustments to the door icon’s perspective, and listening to the sound track in the background is quite a bit more entertaining than wading through a technical operations support plan… :+1:


Mmm, windows lookin’ sexeeeeeey…


Veerry nicee! One more skilled coder on board :smiley:!


how exciting! i’m at the day job right now but my woman was watching the stream this morning… she said he was rockin out to game of thrones music while working haha


is that where the tracks are from? really enjoying this…

i think its fantastic that they put this much effort into the icons… appreciate the attention to detail!


@SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747… any idea what the topic of the planned stream for Thursday will be?


I spotted a little stream in the second pic does this mean we know how water physics work yet


@Newf Good point. Maybe you want to add this question to the Q&A-Thread?


im afraid not… good news however - we will have moderators on hand! :smile:


Anybody know Albert’s Discourse username, for future reference?


well, he’s not in the Admin or Mods user groups, and there is no generic “Albert” nick registered (that i can find)…

doesnt look like he’s made it here just yet… :wink:


Ahhh okay, well I hope he arrives soon but good luck to him in the dev team :smile:


I go out for one evening and I miss the desktop Tuesday, a livestream, it all kicked off!

Firstly, massive welcome to Albert the fifth musketeer (that will be the one and only time I make that reference).

Land generation concept is looking awesome, would be great to see how this progresses … who am I kidding, it makes me all giddy!

And I should make the livestream tomorrow! Everyone is a winner.


The stream was neat, really enjoyed it. The Landscape concept though, man, that gets me really eager for the game all over again; all that untamed wilderness waiting to be tamed… Or destroy my puny settlement. Can’t wait to find out!



here are a few icons from the 2 hour and 40 minute session… didnt realize it went that long!


window sill

bed progression


I like the idea with the icons… unfortunately it makes modding a bit more challenging. If you want to add an item, you will have to create or adjust also the icon for it :disappointed:. Maybe Tom will be bored at one point and can create a set of custom icons, for future use by mods.


It should be possible to take a picture of the voxel model in Quibicle and turn it into an icon; I think Radiant tried this and didn’t like the way it looked, but it would save a lot of time for modders. A generic icon for each major category would also useful though; a generic weapon icon, generic furniture icon, etc. That way the mod can just use the generic icon if it doesn’t have a custom one.