CSI: Stonehearth (Live-Stream Dissection)

Does the title sound weird? It is! But that is how I felt the last time when I was watching the recorded Live-Stream about the weaver (for like the 3rd or 4th time). After the first look it is always the search something I might have missed the last time. And what should I say… watching it over and over, I have recognized one or the other tidbit I thought to share.

I would appreciate if you can let me know what you think about this. If it was only me not getting everything the first time… that’s fine. If not, I might take another look on past streams.


first of all, you’re sleuthing skills are top notch… here’s a few extra internet points for ya… :smile:

second, yes please! just the mentions of “rogue” and “trader” were worth the price of admission… :wink:

I enjoyed it :slight_smile: I haven’t watched most of the streams due to their length.

:thumbsup: for Post-Apocolyptic red skies!

Working my way back in time I have had to skip one (or two) streams until I have found something again… Episode 2 is covering the “Animating and implementing basic sleeping behavior” Live-Stream.


excellent work again @voxel_pirate!

re: the entities you noticed… while it does look like they are inheriting from a parent, im not sure if they are actually instantiated versions of a parent object, or just (temporary) working examples of class …

and i love the attributes you unearthed… the view distance will definitely come into play when it comes time for a unit to retreat form danger… lower the value, and they are aware of much less around them… could be quite fun… :smile:

Hm, during the Live-Stream I was wondering if the devs have seen one of the two CSI-Clips. Why? Just take another look between minutes 1:30 to 1:35. Tom is moving his camera towards a whiteboard and stops it for a second. Coincidence you might say? Conspiracy, I tell you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

However, the challenge - let’s call it “The List” - is accepted and you are all highly invited to help gathering all the information we can.

Here is a screenshot I was able to take. Unfortunately the resolution of the camera is not as great (@Tom, just grab also a new webcam once you are going to look for the headset :wink:).


Findings so far:


  • “Pie chart” (bottom right): Shows the day-night-cycle. The day is “longer” than the night (so far it was a linear transition in the Live-Streams. We also see her the dusk and dawn which Tom would like to implement.

Colum 3 (right):

  • Title: “The List
  • 1st bullet: “Title Screen”. Looks like the title screen we will see once we start Stonehearth is done.
  • 2nd bullet: “New Game”. Could this be the “Start a New Game” function / graphic?
  • 3rd bullet: “Terrain”. Says something like “Default Starting Conditions”.
  • 4th bullet: “Day/Night”. Details hard to read.
  • 5th bullet: Does it say “Fire” ???
  • Other bullets hard to read.

Colum 2 (middle):

  • Title: “Charts” ???
  • Not able to read the bullets yet…

Colum 1 (left):

  • Not able to read yet…

There is a drawing on the bottom left which I cannot find out what it is. Also the column on the left is hard to read so far.

Anything else you can decipher?


I’ve just got out of the shower (you wanted to know that, I can tell). Give me 5 minutes and I’ll be aiding the deciphering!

Edit: Downloading video now to place in CSI Enhance Studio 2013.

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Updated the 3rd bullet on the right column:

I think I can read the word “Magic” under bullet 4 in the same column. But what could magic do with the day-night-cycle?

Under bullet 5, where I think it says “Fire”, I might be able to read the words “sparking” and “magic”… for different sources of fire?

The middle column might be named something different than “Charts”. I think the bullets below are:

  • Place and…
  • Promote and…
  • Pickup from table animations

… which would not make sense in a column labled “Charts”, no?

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Definitely says “Default Starting Conditions”

I would agree with all of these …

My first thought was Charts … but damn it, it’s so blurry! It’s not something like “Quests” is it? Although I’m not sure that would make much more sense?

Underneath the “fire” bullet, I think it says “Items/” can’t make out after the bullet point. Still going through it.

Edit: Does it say “Item Rules” below fire?

Double Edit: I’ve looked at the picture/ video far too long now ha. I think that list on the far left might be a list of things they need to do for the office? Just because I think that first word top left says “Buy”. I could be way, way off the mark though

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Quests would make a lot more sense than charts. The third bullet of “Pickup from…” would indicate the source of the quest. And it definitely says “Wolves” under the Day/Night in column 3, which I think is common knowledge, but I’m just picking out words I can make out.

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you guys… scare me

ok, proceed with the dissection!

Makes sense with the “wolves”. I was thinking about the magic and relationship to the day-night-cycle.

How about if it is only possible to do magic during a certain time of the day, i.e. the night? If all the workers are tired, the gomancer will wake up and keep you busy in the night. Could be a way to prevent that people get bored while the town is asleep.

@Geoffers747 “Buy” for the left column might be true. So if this is a “shopping”-list, the image below might be the blueprint of the office?


I was wondering what that was … it might well be!

You want scary, I’m thinking of downloading something like FocusMagic to see if we can sharpen the pic at all. However, I’m at work and can’t experiment with it until I get home. :smile:

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That is pretty scary indeed heheh. Waiting eagerly what you find out. :blush:

Tried FocusMagic, doesn’t seem to be working. As for what I have managed to figure out though by a combination of playing around with the video and photoshop.
First off, I’ve heard “is literally wandering around with a webcam strapped to a laptop” about a trillion times because I forgot to mute it.
The last point on the third list seems to be “Names For People”.
I can’t read what the thing underneath is though and you can’t even see it in that image.
It definitely looks like it could be a floor plan in the bottom left, you can see it better earlier in.
The second column seems to be titled “CL…s”

I’ve also got the 89 frames it’s visible for if anyone wants me to put them up but they seems to go to nearly 30 MiB for some reason.


@xavion If you have a better screenshot or another one which shows the left part in a not that horrible quality… feel free to add them.

Not sure if it is “People” as the word looks too short for me on the board. “Names for” might be a match.

A lot of them are blurry due to movement but I haven’t gone through and it checked all of them. The link is Dropbox - Archive.zip and I"ve removed the first 20 and last 10 as it was too blurry to get anything at all out of them and I just grabbed a round number worth so it might be blurry at the ends anyway. Mostly it’s just being able to see different parts of it from different abgles and the like.

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Thanks for the upload. Unfortunately I did not find another one which helped me to read more. Tried also to play around with Photoshop to improve the quality a bit… no success.

I am more and more sure that the picture on the bottom left is a blueprint of the new office. This would support @Geoffers747’s theory of a “to do”-list on the left column. However, I think there is no real headline for that column. “Buy” looks more like the first item on that list.

Update: As I could decipher any further information from the whiteboard, I have moved on to the “Wolves and other things…”-Stream (part 2).

Actually there are some interesting information included on promoting professions…

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It looks to me like the following:

The List (1)

:white_check_mark: Title Screens (name)
:white_check_mark: Main Game (name)

:arrow_forward: Terrain (albert)
Default Starting Conditions (Stephanie and Albert)

:arrow_forward: Day/Night (Tom)
-> Days (Name)
-> dusk (Name)
Wolves (Tony …)

:arrow_forward: Fire (Tony, Tom, … )
Parse diag (albert)
magic (albert)

Item Motion (albert)

  • ground
  • Item-specific

Names For Public (name)

  • faces

Destination (name)

  • Map dragging them

There is rather a large amount of speculation here