Secret message from the devs!

Continuing the discussion from CSI: Stonehearth (Live-Stream Dissection)… happy to share a secret message from Team Radiant. The message is hidden in this picture, posted by @sdee and goes to our sweet, little community!

Possible spelling errors are resulting from the low resolution of the picture :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


wait, so the dino poo i mentioned ( :white_circle: making this game) wasnt in fact poo, but rather a small part of a larger, encrypted message?

i so :heart: Team Radiant… :smile:

No, unfortunately no poo for you. But I am quite sure you will be able to mod it in (:copyright:) :wink:.

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Cross posting:

I’m gonna decipher some of that blue text, from the bottom:

  • ??? (actual question marks)
  • Sowing wayside school (yer I know that’s not right)
  • Inter-species Diplomacy
  • Historical ???
  • Two Random Titans * 7
  • Geoffers, This One’s Love For You?
  • Northmen -> Wall?
  • ??? systems -> faith
  • Zombies (behind the dinosaur tail but I am the Universal Source of Truth)
  • Mysterious powers (politics?) -> Show Something
  • Legs of ??dimension (?)
  • Anticipation

It kinda gets real blurry from here on out so this is all probably horribly wrong:

  • Knit wool ???
  • ??? wish_sniper
  • ???
  • Overlord fight for worship (maybe warships?)

I think I’m done. Maybe it’s my eyes, but I swear the underlined blue bit in the middle says CSI impressions

Edit: Black list on the left:

Top says something like Unsolved Issues (about 95% sure on this)

General Information (?)

  • ??? journey (???)

  • suspend(???) or defend positions

  • ??? an option

  • Pathfinding

  • One tick (task?) or 2

  • (One) (In green text)

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from here? good grief… how good is your vision? i literally eat carrots every single day for lunch… well, not just carrots… i have a well balanced meal… you get the point!

i can hardly decipher any of the board… and no, im not actually THAT old… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m so late to this party. Dino poo? Why wasn’t this the first thing shown in the game?

Considering I’ve spent the beter part of 15 years staring at screens in some capacity, it’s surprisingly alright!

But hey, I made no claim that it was accurate, for all we know it;s horribly, horribly apocalyptically wrong … any confirmation on that @sdee? Just a simple yes or no :stuck_out_tongue:

.[quote=“Donn, post:6, topic:3151”]
Dino poo?

It’s one of the game ending events. May Raya have mercy on our souls.

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i will so send her a batch of cookies, her choice, if she makes the comedic response you’ve set her up for… :smile:

oh, nice one… you forgot to use the spoiler tags!

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Ooo I forgot about them.

Another tool of mischief to add to the repertoire!

Ya know, I think I might see a “Medication” on the right side of that board, too… are they hinting at something, @Geoffers747? Are you hiding things? XD

But seriously, though, are you actually taking eyeroids or something? I’m 14 and have perfect vision, and even I can’t make out but a few things on there…

But the minimum post length is 20 characters!


Oh … I forgot about that!

Never mind then :frowning:

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How’s about a simple “yesyesyesyesyesyesyes” or a “nononononononononono”, @sdee?


Click image. (Discourse will ‘focus’ on it). Right click focused image. Click Open Image in New Tab.
Viola! You may need to use your browser’s zoom function (magnify glass) and it’s still blurry due to low lighting, but much better rez :smile:

P.S. Feeling the love from the devs :slight_smile:


ok, we’ve established that im old… but now you’re claiming im an imbecile as well? :smile:

yes… i originally took that step… it didnt help in the slightest… of course, my seeing-eye-spectacles may have been bamboozled!

No no no! I was just unable to read anything before I figured out I needed to do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that solves it. You’re just old then. :wink: (Kidding!)

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Well I read the same thing, so that makes two of us anyway!