It's Dec 30th! Waiting for the final build


Hey Everyone,

It’s December 30th! Team Radiant is working hard to get all our final ducks in a row to get the build out to you all. We think we’re still multiple hours away, so nobody start hitting F5 on Steam or Humble Bundle yet, but I will be on this thread all day if you want to stay in touch.


It's the final...COUNTDOWN!
Ready to launch in 5...4...3

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thank you for telling us can not wait!!!


Finally… some words from an official. (You don’t count, @SteveAdamo or @Geoffers747.)


Hey sdee, thanks for the update! Will it only be available through Steam or will I be able to play it at work to ease my suffering?


Any ETA?
As someone from Germany(where it already is 7pm) it would be pretty good to know if i should go to sleep early or stay up…


For people in later time zones what would the eta on time be


you will be able to direct download from Humble Bundle as well…


Fantastic! Thank you SteveAdamo


multiple can mean different things, right? so… just assume 3 or more hours… just to be safe… :wink:


I’m assuming two. Be optimistic!


I hate to say it but I would go to sleep early. It’s only 10:00am PST. STAY STRONG!!!


Cant Wait :D. looking forward to build my own house with my kitten and puppy :3


Aaaaaaaah so freaking excited! Cannot wait for it to come out!


Thank you.

I still hope we get the build within the next 5hours :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope this game eventually turns out to be everything I have wanted in a long long time.


I believe I am more excited for this release than I was for christmas!

I am not too worried about there being only a limited amount of stuff to do, Just being able to see the progress Team Radiant has been doing will be awesome and worth it in itself.


i know i am more exited then for Christmas!! is that not right ? lol


OMG … ARW … getting multiple panic attacks



This means I wont be playing till 31th T.T have fun fellow stonehearthians from the westerns parts. Greetings from the Netherlands!