MADNESS! Steam version was temporarily active!

There was a steam code on my humblebundle store page to be claimed.
I did claim it and I used it in steam…
right now I am playing the early access version, this is freaking awesome!!!

I love the comments that tell what is going on :slight_smile:

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AWESOME!! :star2: _ :star2:

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

@sdee, @Tom, was this deliberate? 12 days early?! :smile: :smile: :smile:

p.s. Doug I love the music Apparently that isn’t your music :wink: if either the title screen piece or the casual in-game piece is, I applaud you @Doug, I enjoyed both, but either way, I like it, whether it was meant or not :slight_smile:

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OMG peed my pants when i launched it first thank you so much @PDanford lot of love :smiley: from this “Hearthling”

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Mine’s not showing up on my download page, if its even supposed to…

EDIT: This is what mine’s showing for the page.

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Nothing here either…

wow, I first thought of some trolling but its real!!
Unfortunately I dont have much time now

you need to redeem the key on humblebundle and then activate it on steam client
games - activate product

The bugs are making my settlers die :frowning:
I need to restart the game.

No where is it showing up to redeem…

I think I’ll just go ahead and call it a fluke and say congrats(?) to everyone who downloaded it. :smiley:

Enter to your humble bundle account, and go to the page where the download is. The click to get your Steam code. Then go to Steam and redeem.

did you log in to humblebundle with correct account?

on your library in humblebundle there is ‘widget purchases’ with stonehearth
click it and there should be a redeemable button.

NOOOO I can’t get on the PC till Friday! DAMN YOU RADIENT.

At the same time, thanks. I now have all break to mess with this :smiley:

Yeah, I’m not getting it either. Check above for what it looks like. I do have some nice wallpapers though.

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Yes I am not getting it as well :c

Guess some of you got lucky, gratz

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thats sad :frowning:

I’m in hollyyy voxelss i’m in:o

some one playing edit the stockpile and change to name while typing the name press spacebar

I’m sure sooner than later that will be fixed. (Now, to make at least 3 bug reports x_x…)