New Stonehearth Store!


There appears to be a new way of purchasing Stonehearth! It can be be bought through the Humble Store here. The old Paypal page is now gone and that means no more Kickstarter rewards :cry:. You still, however, can buy beta access, so if you haven’t done so already you should mosey on over there and buy yourself a copy.


This is actually Humble Bundle, no? If you take a look the buttom right of each payment form, you see “Humble Store”.


Thats what I thought too, which would also explain why the Kickstarter rewards will be distributed through Humble Bundle as well.


Te-he must be getting a bit late for me to have a DERP moment like that…


@twip Do you know when the most Humble bundle will come out for steam?
Thank you!!!


I’m not sure what you mean, but if you buy Stonehearth via the Humble Store you should be able to get a Steam key when the game becomes available; assuming Radiant and Valve come to an agreement.


Not that I have any extra special knowledge or anything, I mean, this is pure conjecture, but I strongly suspect that the Humble Bundle was another way for them to distribute Steam keys, since thats primarily how games are distributed through the bundle, though direct downloads are available. Plus, that would explain the bit at the bottom which says all Kickstarter rewards will be through the Bundle as well…


OK, Well Thank you for your most helpful piece of Info Good Sir, Have a nice DAY!!!


any purchases made through HB will be treated exactly as any other platform (KS or PP), with the exception of the rewards that came along with either of the previous two (they are not available via HB)… you should have your choice of a “direct download” or Steam key to get access to the client…

good news all around though! :+1:


I have added the Stonehearth entry on this wikipage I found when googling for what the Humble Store is all about.

Feel free to correct it and also maybe someone has time to add a full fledged wiki entry about Stonehearth :slight_smile:


Well this post was a downer. I though it was going to announce Stonehearth merchandise =/. I’ll keep nagging my friends to get beta access then.


nice! didnt know this page even existed… :+1:

i am sure they would love to have a swag store available as well asap… there is a definite interest in SH merchandise… but if you think about it, that really is basically another mini project unto itself (development, marketing and sales of t-shirts, and other SH merchandise)…


Agreed I don’t mind waiting, but the title was a tad misleading xD


I want to see some merchanidise up too. I REALLY want that cutaway model with the skeleton inside the settler we saw in one of the livestreams on a T-shirt…


i’m curious to see if we can see some swag from @Pepe … having a 3D print of a voxel sword would make me the envy of the cube farm… :wink:


A fantastic idea for Merchandise!!! What if you could copy one of your Towns people (EX: MR.BurlyHands) and then copy them out and make a life size replica!!! or make a life sized Voxel Bunny!!!


not exactly practical, but would be interesting to see… :wink:

but take a look at @Pepe’s work, and you will see what i was referring to… brilliant stuff on his part…


Wow His work is very interesting although I get a good kind of Demonic feel from it. anyways Thank You @SteveAdamo for showing me this!!!


The question, “Do I get a choice of Direct Download or a Steam key through Humble Bundle?” should get added to the FAQ to help alleviate any confusion. :wink:


good call… the kickstarter FAQ … or?

edit: ahhh, the FAQ on the store page… of course!

Q: Do these pre-orders come with the rewards from the Kickstarters?

A: Nope. Sorry, but our Kickstarter has ended.

Q: I backed through Kickstarter, how do I get my rewards?

A: Humble Bundle will mail out instructions for downloading your
digital rewards when they are available later this year. For physical
rewards like T-Shirts, we will send out a survey through Kickstarter
to get your size and address.