Question about stonehearth?

Do I need to have steam or humble bumble to play/buy stonehearth or can I it without that?

I’m not sure… good question…

However i would recommend it as then the game auto updates in steam

I’m 99.99% sure you need to have steam.
But Steam is pretty harmless. I know some people object to it but I’ve never really followed that line of thinking.

you can purchase the game from the stonehearth website, but to download it you will need a humble bundle account


you can purchase and download it on steam.

as far as i’m aware there is no other way to get the game.

hope that helps/makes sense :slight_smile:

Will stonehearth have an ingame loader in the future so I don’t have to use humble bundle or steam?

hey there @johnnywill, please just reply to your first thread instead of making new threads :slight_smile:

In the future did radiant say that we don’t have to have humble bundle or steam?

again, please reply to your main threads instead of making a new thread :slight_smile:

Hey, do you know if in the future I can download/buy/play stonehearth without humble bundle or steam?

i’ve just merged your threads over to your main topic for yous, now to your question,

i’m not sure, but i would be guessing not… maybe @brad can answer.

just curios, but is there a reason as to why you can’t and/or don’t want to get a HB or steam account?

So you think even in the future I will need to have steam or humble bundle?
how will I ask brad? and I just don’t like steam or humble bundle

So your not sure if I can download/play/buy the game without steam or humble bundle?
how do I ask brad?

i’ve paged him for you, so he will have gotten a notification and should stop by and answer your question when he see’s that, but it is the weekend so he might not answer until monday.

Ohh okay thankyou, how will I see what he says?

when he replies, it will show up here in this thread :slight_smile:

Okay oh okay thankyou for doing that!!

Yes you need steam/humble bundle

No, the game will be steam or humble bundle only
: Steam u will always get the latest updates first over humble bundle.

No was never discussed. But the plan was to go to steam.

Nope, you will have to always buy/DL/play through steam/HB.

Use the @{insert name: aka brad) to ask someone a question and to get their attention.

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are you one of the support guys of stonehearth?

Are you sure that you are old enough to be on the internet?
Create a steam account and buy the game. You will save yourself time.
Steam is currently the best play place to store all your games on the web. You are causing more trouble for yourself by asking these people rather than going to and creating an account.


Steam and Humble Bundle (either on Humble itself or through the widget on are the only ways to purchase the game. We have no plans at present to offer the game any other way.

There is no difference between the two options, though Steam does update the game automatically when we push a new version (if you purchase through Humble, you have to manually download from there when new versions are published as Humble does not give us an auto-update option). Also, for the more adventurous, we also push earlier release to our unstable branch on Steam (usually 3-4 weeks before the full stable Alpha becomes available); we do not offer unstable/early Alphas on Humble.

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