Is Humble Bundle the Only Way to Download StoneHearth?

Okay, quick question. Like the title says, will Humble Bundle be the only way to access StoneHearth, (Besides for Steam, of course)? I would actually prefer what they did with Minecraft, making an account on their website and downloading via

This question might be redundant/better in another article, so you can dirty your hands if you want @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747.

just humble and steam. xx
The team might do something like this later although it seems like a waste of money for them as they would have to pay for the infrastructure, steam and humble have them already to take advantage of

correct, just Humble Bundle and Steam … for now, at least… we’ve heard no indications otherwise…

i suppose there’s a possibility at some point to see the client accessible from something like Desura, but again… at this point, these are the only two options…