Beta for Humble Bundle

So I kickstarted the game and I’m interested in downloading the DRM free version off of the humble bundle site but it’s still the alpha. When does that get updated?

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The humble bundle will be updated around the same time as the 1.0 release at the end of the month. That said, the Steam version has no DRM either. Once downloaded, you don’t need Steam to run it.

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Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Actually it does, backstory here. So I got the gift key and I was talked out of it by a friend. My 8 year old daughter has since showed an interest in gaming. Using my steam directory terminates her if she’s playing my game for obvious reasons. I was going to download the DRM free version so I can play with her. I guess I’m saving up to buy another copy! lol

does she have steam installed? also is she using game library sharing or your acount?

question for @cole3050
would with that be able to play with her as op stated?

She’s got her own account, sharing my library.

That might be the issue, that being said Ive never not been using steam well running stonehearth.

No steams required to use the multiplayer currently. As far as im aware they havent added a system outside of the steam one.

for multiplayer, yes but needs some customization in the user settings i think
(ok, i’m going too far from OP xD)

You can copy the game out of the steam folder and copy it to wherever you want, if that helps.

If you want to play Multiplayer outside of steam, try the instructions here:

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The real problem is that it launches steam and detects that one of the two of us is already running the game and terminates it. I’ll just save up to buy another copy. Support the developer and all that.


But then again you could copy those from the steam workshop location to the mods folder for, for instance, playing stonehearth on usb

No mods at this point. The little one will have to wait for multiplayer but that shouldn’t be a problem. I sense a lesson in this revelation. lol