Multiplayer without Steam?


In last week’s desktop Tuesday it was explained that hosting and connecting to a server could be achieved without Steam by editing the user_settings.json file.

Is this possible in the current super unstable branch? I would assume the functionality is there based on the DT video but I can’t find any instruction on what properties to add to the settings file and/or what parameters to use when launching the game. When I bought the game on Humble I was excited for the multiplayer but I could see if the Steam only unstable branch doesn’t have the settings configured yet.

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shouldnt be possible at the moment because on humblebundle is only v23 (without multiplayer) - later when the update to stable 24 was uploaded there should be an option

Editing user_settings file

So Wiese is correct, but if you have the latest build from steam, you can use some user settings to connect to another player with the same build.

I’ll make a proper write up later since we’re focused on the steam version right now, but here are the settings in the mean time:

"multiplayer" : {
    "server" : { // These are the host settings
        "port" : 57093,
        "ip" : "" // Leave this like this
    "remote_server" : { // These are the client settings
        "enabled" : false, // set to true to enable connecting to a remote server
        "port" : 57093,
        "ip" : ""

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This is great ayazar , thank you!


I tried but I only got Error at connecting.

I will stick to steam Join for now !

Also, I had to get rid of the //comments to get the game running… some error about whitespace



@nxor if you’re hosting replace the ip in the client config (the connecting computer) with the network IP address of your (host) computer and additionally set up port forwarding on the port in your router. It won’t work simply copy and pasted.

Worked great for me.


I set everything up. How can the client connect to me? Does he have to select multiplayer or load game?

Thanks for the help!


Honestly, I tried this, no matter what I enter, I always just get a message that “something went wrong” and that it was disconnected.

Made sure both users had the same mods, etc - even tried strictly vanilla, made sure ports were open, no dice.


I am currently trying vanilla, completely steamless. I copied the game out of the steam folder and am trying to connect two computers inside the same network.


Hello there, i have tried you code, but i am pretty sure i have no ideia what i am doing. The game wont start now =/ gave me some error with the user_setting.

I dont know if i should copy this code and just paste in the file… or paste over another code line…

i would love if you could give me some help on how to play multiplayer without steam. Thank you so much!


Btw, i am just trying to connect two computers in the same network ;3


Okay I’ll give it a go! Here are some settings that are a little more copy-paste friendly but you still have to replace the IP Address for the client player.

Settings for the host:

"multiplayer" : {
    "server" : {
        "port" : 57093,
        "ip" : ""
    "remote_server" : {
        "enabled" : false

Settings for the client:

"multiplayer" : {
    "remote_server" : {
        "enabled" : true,
        "port" : 57093,
        "ip" : "host ip goes here"

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The host game is running and the banner is placed? And the client machine can ping the host machine?


yes, it is. I tryed both with local ip and with the internet ip… but no sucess


If you can ping the host from the client then it should work :thinking: - can you share the stonehearth.log files for the host and the client?


Did you set up port forwarding (for port 57093) on your router?

If you don’t configure that the client won’t be able to connect through your router’s firewall. It’s a process but pretty easy once you know what you’re doing and important for hosting any game. Unfortunately there’s a million and one different routers so you’ll have to find the instructions for the one you own to learn how to do it.


RivingtonDown is correct if you are connecting to a computer outside of your local area network. But if you’re just on the same network use the local ip address.


can you show me the steps for the multiplayer?


I opened DMZ on my router and my friend connected to my server. @ayazar settings for multiplayer Lan are working.

Would it be possible to have all players share the same playerid?