Dedicated Servers

Would it be possible to make a dedicated server for Stonehearth? I’m just curious if there would be way to assign a dedicated server to the game, like maybe assigning the server to control the enemy AI. Not sure how else it would be possible, but I would love to see a dedicated server ability for Stonehearth.

Headless mode is not something we’re currently prioritizing, but it may be possible to run a server given some configuration on your end. If you have a computer/server that can run stonehearth with the graphics and you configure it like I mention here: Multiplayer without Steam? You’ll be able to connect/disconnect to it. (From where depends on the configuration, could also be over the internet.)

Can we have some follow up with this. Anyone who can figure this out please contact me.

I just had the most fun gaming with friends than I’ve had in a very long time. We started a game and played for 5 hours straight. We still weren’t even halfway where we wanted/needed to be. Then sadness. Knowing that what we worked on may be loss!

Stonehearth is such an amazingly fun and addictive game. However, I believe its secret to MASSIVE success will be in the ability to share this beautiful world with each other.

Multiplayer is key. You guys have an amazing product, now’s the time to help us share it.