Stonehearth Servers - Hoping to provide the community hosting!


I am the owner of and I plan on providing easy to use and powerful server hosting to players when the server code is released. I am currently looking on getting feedback for data center locations to host servers and would love if you all could vote. Currently I am only looking to support USA/Canada but if I get enough feedback from other countries I will be happy to contact data centers in the region.

If you are interested in getting hosting please signup for my email list in order to be notified when they are live!


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Nice to see you’re prepared, one follow up question but does this fall under modding ?
correct me if I’m missunderstanding :smile:

Nice job though

I just noticed it was placed here as well. I thought I changed it to general discussion.

Thanks Gabe.

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How much do you guys know about server hosting?

Not an expert but picking up very easily. I am a Cisco network engineer(CCNP just completed!) and a MCSE with 8 years in the industry. As everything is running on Linux that has been my challenge. I bought the domain about a year ago and been playing with the idea since. I took the last two months seriously and started researching.

Setup some old servers I had around and found it really was not that bad. I am sure there will be challenges ahead and I am willing to face them. I already have made several contacts with industry leaders and hired some contractors to help me past some steps in the process.

Depending on the amount of preorders I will hire a Sys admin to help manage the systems/customers.

Hope this helps and look forward to gaming with you!

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tbh i know a guy from creeper host who can host no problem.

So from what I know so far, Cryptic Servers is the main company that you have it registered under? Where is the main Cryptic Servers website? Oh, and you might want to change the about us section so it doesn’t reference a game other than Stonehearth.
So far you have 2 game-specific server hosting websites that are powered by wordpress which is an odd choice if you are going to start selling game servers, with neither of the games having multiplayer yet, and you don’t have a main website for your server company?
Shouldn’t you establish yourselves by offering servers for games that are already out? (CSS, TF2, GMod, L4D2, etc.)

Thanks for the feedback! Thought I changed it. I also own which is another game I will be supporting.

I just got registered for the LLC and have not setup the cryptic servers site yet but its on the way.

I did consider establishing myself but wanted to target markets that were not filled with competition at this time. This allows me to plan/prepare for when the game launches and hopefully provide a better platform for those that want hosting.

Thanks again for the feedback!



Alright! I wish you luck in your endeavors! :thumbsup:

I might have to buy from you guys when multiplayer is out, and you can host… :wink: