The multiplayer system and its visions?

We have now had access to the new multiplayer system for a while and it has surely been fun testing it and meeting up with all of the other players, we know here from the discourse.

Now i stand at a point where i am wondering where this might be heading and what the current system tells us about the vision behind it.

First point:
We need to join up with a steamfriend (i know there is a workaround without steam). One of these players need to be the host (just like LAN over the internet, but where steam is the cable).

That host needs to not only have a beefy computer, but also a great internet upload connection, so basicly, not anyone can host a Stonehearth multiplayer game!

At this point we have alot of bugs and optimization awaiting to be fixed, so maybe there is a hope that when all that is fixed, anyone can host a mp game? I must admit i am unsure on the answer here and that is basicly why i have made this post. :slight_smile:

Is it correct that The developers have no plans to create dedicated servers for the game in the future? @sdee @ayazar (tagging you, because… you know…?)

From what i see and hear, we are told that SH will be a community builder focussed game, and not a pvp game.

From what i see when i look at the systems that will be provided to the community, that system would work much better for short pvp oriented games and not long term “city builders”…

Where is the longterm vision in the system itself? If we only get what we have now, why then be so stubborn on the whole pvp subject?

Well i just want to say, that i personally am not into pvp, but the system just looks designed to have that focus?

Enough rambling from me, what are your thoughts on this? AND more importantly, what are Team Radiants thoughts on it?

Thank you all :sunny: :heartpulse: :merry:

That is the plan, yes. To optimize the game to a point where most anyone with a typical gaming computer can host, with a modest or better (but still typical) upload speed. This will take time, and the full extent of optimizations may not arrive until closer to v1. But the goal is to make the game itself run better, and if that doesn’t also help multiplayer, continue to focus on MP-specific optimizations too.

While the team hasn’t ruled out dedicated server support, I don’t believe it’s formally on the roadmap either. I think they’d classify it as a “nice to have”. So, not Critical path to v1, at least.

PvP will, for the foreseeable future, be something that others will need to develop as a mod. Again though, while this could always change, that’s the current path.

Hope this helps?

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It gives answers for the present yes, thank you Megashub :slight_smile:

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From my understanding they are going to allow for a “headless” host, that would allow you to host the game on one machine without it being tied to a player.