Question about servers/sessions

So I know you guys at Radiant have been diligently adding multiplayer stuffs as you’re making the single player experience but it was during tony’s stream today that I had a question.

I think I might know the answer but was wondering how it is you guys are handling “server communication” currently. My thoughts are you guys have a server that all the users are connecting to…but that would seem inefficient at this point in time and then I thought maybe they have a stub somewhere that’s just returning right away…or a server is being made locally.

Idk just was a random thought and I was interested in knowing how you guys have that part of the game implemented currently.

#devthoughts :stuck_out_tongue:

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i’m intrigued by this thought…

also, just changed the category to development as it seemed to be more of a question about the game.

Sounds good to me @8BitCrab! wasn’t sure where to stick this :wink:

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Personally, I’d be thrilled if there was local multiplayer–I’d just need to find people locally to play with!

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hahaha yeah but if it’s designed the way I think we wouldn’t know how to connect to another server…maybe modders could find something but i’m thinking more a service is created behind the scenes that doesn’t do much more than return what was given to it right away.

Currently it’s a local server. You have both the client and the server. I don’t know how will it be handled in the future for multiplayer.

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They probably have a switch that determines if messages should be sent locally or to another address. I figured there was a local server running behind the scenes. It makes the most sense for the easiest integration into multiplayer and “flipping the switch” when it’s time! Which means relatively small changes to get it going! (Of course at this point in time…discovery may show much LARGER issues)

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