Multiplayer?wanna have some fun?

So I know we are getting multiplayer so when the game comes out who wants to set up a server and build a sort of community on it? Im looking for a host(if needed) and some people who believe that they can play it like a real rpg (so no random wars)

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first, welcome aboard @cole3050! :smiley:

second, the co-op multiplayer (which i’m assuming you are referring to?) is quite a ways off… i admire your planning efforts, but it may be difficult to coordinate something this far out… best of luck though! :+1:

Im a no life I could set up boards of info in my free time(24/7 LOL) so yeah thanks for the concern for my sanity but its too late MUHAHAHA >:)

I also like this idea of a little stonehearth world. It would be interesting how players behave and so.

Im hoping that when the game is released that its going to have a very nice and easy land control system or just a mod that can restrict people to a certain amount of land and that they must claim more threw spending recourses on a marker to hold a land chunk.

This will be unofficially regulated by the AI Dungeonmaster. If you can’t protect it from the mobs you can’t hold it. There will always be balance, don’t worry so much about that.

no like I mean the map is devided into regions that are each big enough for you to build a town but if you want more land you might have to capture another region and once captured you put a FLAG on the land to signify owner ship and if another attacks and captures the flag they now control all building and destroying. but you still own all the people that were in the area.