My thoughts about multiplayer

So i was thinking about multiplayer, and what i think would be nice to the game. I think that there should be a fighting mechanic in multiplayer, where the goal is to destroy your opponent and conquer new places and stuff.

What’s your opinion on multiplayer?

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That doesn’t really fit the style of the game. They did say a PvP version may happen down the road, but wouldn’t likely be in the first pass on multiplayer. A lot of games seem to tack on a PvP mode these days as a “cheap” way of creating extra content. Just because they can doesn’t mean they should.

Recently they spoke in a stream about game modes where there may be an enemy camp in between settlements that crank out mobs in a “last man standing” survival mode kinda multiplayer. Maybe smaller camps of mobs spawn that you can bribe, with specific crafted items, to leave you alone which then makes them focus on the opposite player. Like the goblin camp turn ins to delay attack. First person to complete is spared, while the second player is focused on by the mobs. This would ensure players are keeping up with the crafting aspects instead of just mindlessly cranking out a constant stream of soldiers. It would be a much more cutthroat way of going about PvP, this shifts the “blame” from the hearthlings to the player. You’d still technically be competing, but the hearthlings themselves aren’t mowing each other down. Allowing the hearthlings to retain their innocence. To me this is the best way to go about PvP in Stonehearth, as it allows players to compete without forcing their hearthlings to murder one another which horribly violates the theme of the game.

Other than that, I imagine we’ll get other coop modes as well. Perhaps some goal oriented coop modes where you have to achieve specific objectives for your faction’s rulers, like the various maps on the game Townsmen. Maybe you have to build specific buildings, gather certain amounts of mats, survive terrible maladies/disasters, establish trade routes between towns, just some examples.


This topic has already been in discussion for a while. Recent topic too…

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just came on the forums, never been here before. My bad.

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No worries, thanks for sharing your thoughts on multiplayer! :smiley:

Indeed, we’re pretty sure that PvE would be our first multiplayer target. The game’s tone of warmth and coziness is amped way up with you’re defending your town with your friends rather than against your friends. :slight_smile: