My idea for multiplayer

#So first of all…
I know multiplayer is prob not gonna be implemented until the game is out of alpha, but for what we have now i think my idea is a good one…

##How servers work…
Well you need to tame a horse/donkey (Witch can be obtained by just traveling for a bit) and then you can start your journey

then depending on the amount of horses/donkeys you have you can take hearthlings out of your current collection, you can make a map (with ink (if implemented) and cloth) to get a list of all servers, if not just type the name of the server

##How Kingdoms work

SO for the flag you get a clash-of-clans kinda thing,

-Inner Color

-Rim color

-Background color

For land claiming…

You cant really claim land, but you ca mark it with your flag…
This is mainly so you can attack other kingdoms cuz that would be fun and all that…

As for how you get more hearthlings you can pay gold to get more…

##Thats all for now, hope you like mt idea’s :smiley:


What I was thinking is, maybe you start up a world, and you can set max players to say 10

and I, you, and 8 others join the world. We can either work together or fight each other

We can choose to manage a kingdom together, I get half the hearthlings, you get the other half. And we go on from there. We can claim up to 1000X1000 and we can determine what is our “Pixel Plots” and build there. And there only

Or you can choose to ruin my mining town, the first person to lose their town, gets booted and spectated for the rest of the game.

We can form a clan together and make underground tunnels or roads connecting our towns and trade resources and help out by sending troops or workers.

We can wage war, not by you know raiding, but full on WAR, by agreeing to war, who ever loses the most hearthlings before someone either A. Surrenders, or B. annihilated gets booted off the server. Last Guy(s) standing wins

Or we can all contribute and not kill each other, you choose. We can settle on a max of 1000x1000 plot size and a max of 50 hearthlings and make a utopia. Or wage HearthWar 3 on everybody.

That is far I as got.

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Ever thought about not having each player manage his/her own town but managing one town with multiple players?
I could set a mining task while my friend sets up storage for that same town. Because you don’t realy micro each hearthling but just set tasks this could work

what im understanding is a minigame, like king of the hill style…
is that what you mean?

Thats what I was going for in my incoherent paragraph, but uhh, it was 3 am…

I think what you could do is set up a small server, say three people. Each player has their own hearthlings to manage, and can donate them to other players. You could work together or fight each other, it doesn’t matter. A wage war button could be added for fun. That’s all I can think of right now.

PvP won’t be part of the game unless someone figures out how to mod it in. Officially, it apparently breaks the cutesiness of the game.

This is actually EXACTLY how it is right now. May change later, but this is the current talked about goal.

…and I just realized when this post is from. Whoops.