The Future of the Game [Multiplayer / Modelling] Suggestions

Suggestions regarding the upcoming Multiplayer and the overall branding of the game.

Hello people. I remember back when I backed the Kick-starter, and I couldn’t wait for the game to be released, because I thought (and still think), that this game holds create potential. Since I, as a part of this community, is able to give suggestions to the developers, that may or may not be heard. I thought it would appropriate to come with a few suggestions that they, and perhaps the rest of the community, could take into consideration.

First I’d like to talk Multiplayer. I absolutely adore that the developers have decided right from the beginning to implement multiplayer into their game, applause for that. Now that I hear that they are looking for the next step in the multiplayer integration, I thought I would give my view as a player.

My suggestion to the developers, would be to make the Multiplayer system, server based. So that you don’t have to have a session every time that you want to play the game. But you actually have the option to login to a server where you can play, while your friends are sleeping. Personally I think that this is the future, not only for this game, but for games in general (Session games are sort of getting outdated). Whether the developers decides to go with community servers, where everyone can login to a shared server, and then connect to each other. Or they decide to go with the individual servers (which is my favorite). The individual servers allows for the individual player to create their own virtual server (most likely paid for), and then they decide what they can do with their server. The great thing about this system, is that it allows for the future development of Plugins!

Next, I’d like to talk about some features, that I think would be nice to have in a game such as Stonehearth. Not for the need to have it, but for the convenience of having it.

The first thing is an integrated modelling system. A system that allows for the individual player to create, and model houses, structures (etc.) to their liking from the start page, then transfer that model in game and show it of to their friends. This would be amazing to have!

Another thing that would be amazing to have, is the ability to create your own world to play in, without the gameplay itself. So a system where you can choose to shape your own landscape, and create your own story from scratch, before you decide to play that “seed”. This is again a nice thing to have, and not a need to have thing.

I think that some of these small “Sandboxy” changes, could really levitate this game to a whole other playing field, thank you for reading this, and even more thank you if you have taken my words into consideration. :slight_smile:

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Hey! Guess it’s not nice to leave such a big text without feedback :open_mouth:

I Totally agree

It’s still better to have this option. For example, I dont want to pay monthly for a server because I just want to play with 2-3 friends, but I dont want to have other people on our world. The potential is too high that they raid our towns (in peaceful) or just are annoying (for example building on places where WE wanted to build).

I would suggest a system like f.e. terraria has: You can host a game with up to 10 players on your local PC (like in several ubisoft games) but you can also take the downloadable serverdata to build up a server on your own for the public. You can give it a domain / IP and everyone can join (like minecraft or other games like that). Without software-slot limitations logically

Why should you have to decide? Now we can look at ARK, for example. They are running communityservers but there are servers from players / companies, too!

I totally have to agree with that! Plugins are the best things for servers that you could possibly have (It’s not even better if the game has the plugins integrated by itself because that would take the player’s creativity). You just need the place for letting the creativity out. Minecraft (sorry that I have to name so many names of other games) is the best example: as players could mod the game and the world in any shape so they could let their creativity float everywhere it wanted (even texturing and modding / developing) the game exploded in a hyper-dimensional hype. Years later, it’s still one of the most successful games out there. there is one rule for games like these: take the creativity and you take the fun.

That would be creative-mode / worldedit if you want to call it that. That really would be a helpful feature but I wouldn’t say that it’s a must-have. Sure it could be really helpful but it would be more helpful if we would have the tools to build creative-like things in “story-mode”.

As always: sorry for my awful english^^

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Personally I want the sessions type of multiplayer. As mentioned above, having my hearthlings and town present and vulnerable when I am not ingame is not something I’d like to see.


Not sure how this would be implemented, but it would be neat if multiplayer could come in the form of having multiple villages. I’m picturing something along the lines of Civ, but with each player managing their own little village and people. Then part of the traveling traders events you currently have in-game could be from players that send out merchants to sell/trade goods. Maybe throw in a little friendly competition as to see who can finish the Township quest first.

Nice idea, but…

Player 1: “Okay I guess I have to go to bed now. I kinda have a real life”

Player 2 has more time to play and builds up a super army

5 mins later:

Player 1 lost his town because player 2 had a better army


Good point, but can be fixed by offering a PvE mode or forming non aggression pacts that sets your villagers to friendly.

That doesn’t change the PvP mode at all.

Multiplayer is vital to the longevity and success of the game.

Stonehearth is an awesome game. Just as minecraft was. But I would have stopped playing minecraft after a defeated the ender dragon. However, because of their open world sandbox. Millions of people STILL play minecraft.

Stonehearth is a great game but getting multiplayer right will take this game to the next level. Making it a SMASH hit. Devs, please wise up and make this happen.