Future of multi-player questions

So I have a question regarding mulitplayer and it is mainly because of the AUGUST 9, 2016 dev update. Now this is all beautiful and I am absolutely in love with where this game is going but how would they incorporate the other Kingdoms in multiplayer. From what I have seen the desert Kingdom has its own biome so would it even be possible for say three friends to each play a different kingdom? Either way keep up the good work this game is amazing! :3

Why not, you are not forced to play on the kingdom biome. You can play with Rayya in the temperate, and can also play with Ascendancy in the desert. And with modded kingdom and biomes too, any combination can be made.


My biggest question for multiplayer is if the gamemode is Player vs Player (PvP) or Cooperative (coop).

Both would be interesting. I love to see both modes in the final game. Coop can also be possible with 2 player playing one fraktion.

Maybe PvP multiplay has some kind of quick start (10worker, highlevel tools, more resources) and fixed WorkerCap.

as a PVP game i have a hard time seeing this work out :stuck_out_tongue: I mean its not like building stuff really give you any bonus.

In a PVP settings building a grand building besides a wall would just be waste of time and money giving your enemy the upper hand. You really just wanna focus on tech and military then, and completely ignore building stuff

I’m wondering if it would work if the competing players would get points for different categories like amount of shelter, net worth, size of the military and such.

Multilayer would be awesome, you start with say 7 hearthlings like normal and you build up your kingdom, up to three people in a world and you could only see the other players kingdoms if you had a hearthling walk there and unlock the map (when it goes from dark to light) and you could message them with something like “Friends?” or “Foes!” and would be notified like “a friend approaches” or (like with goblins) “an enemy approaches”. You could go and attack others or trade and help them on their buildings (set hearthlings on the building and the kingdom getting help would be notified of “a friend helps you build/mine/farm etc”). They could also just say “friends?” and build together instead of two friendly kingdoms, just the one big. In battle with goblins usually you win and they are gone but in multilayer there would be a white flag with “surrender” where the battle stops and they can run away, and the winner would get a prize or something for winning.
This would probably be hard to make and very space demanding for servers and lag but eh. It’s an idea

try and get enough wealth for new hearthlings without building stuff. It takes forever.

heh true but so does building stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard they will have diffrent types of multiplayer gamemodes, such as: Pvp, Co-op, and another gamemode.

It kinda depends, I always tend to build walls, or structures that give my archers an advantage on the battle field.

Here is a save of me getting 10 hearthlings without building.
1471208883546.zip (5.1 MB)
The random number gods were very kind to me all my hearthlings had 5 or 6 body and I spawned next to the mother of all iron veins.
I got my 10th heartling on the 6th day. The majority of my wealth came from Iron, 1013 wealth from iron alone.

I challenge anyone to get there 10th hearthling before the 6th day using building!!!

dont tell me :smiley: i was putting up same argument !

While all of that is really cool and Freedom you seriously got lucky with that iron I just want to bring this back on track. So in the instance of multiplayer the map effects which kingdom is viable. Having the desert map basically would kill off any player using The Ascendancy (the basic kingdom) or The Northern Alliance (yet to be released). So overall each kingdom has its own biome for a good reason and it would be much much harder to simply survive in another biome. So with that stated will maps for multiplayer have multiple biomes throughout them? Or if each map is a single biome then is it possible that each “map” could be considered an island or something and traveled to. For instance The Ascendancy may of expanded and want to seek new land with a different vibe. Because they are already founded quite a bit they could survive the journey in the desert map.

It’s totally possible to survive in the desert as the ascendancy. Harder, yes, especially now that they’ve locked trees to high-level farmers.

I quite like playing that way. In a PVP game, I’d imagine players would discuss which kingdom to play as before starting, and probably pick the same one [unless there are major combat changes for the other kingdoms.] I’m not sure how players would be able to visually distinguish whose Hearthlings are whose, but since enemies can carry banners I suppose each team could have Hearthlings carrying banners in its team color.

True but say you wanted to compete with friends or just if any insane hard modes come out then Ascendancy in the desert becomes a horrid idea. For distinguishing between hearthlings I imagine different color pallets would do the trick (red vs. blue or something like that). But simply beyond that having different kingdoms adds some wonderful diversity and its just a shame if they cant make the most of it. Additionally depending on how many players you can have in one game wouldn’t it just suck if everyone is the same kingdom EVERYTHING would look basically the same.