Local Area Network(LAN)

In my opinion this game need LAN

You’re in luck. You can play Stonehearth on LAN. See: Multiplayer without Steam?

I have 862 release and I try it but it cannot connect

Verify that you are using the correct IP addresses on all the machines involved, and have the specified ports open in your router, firewall, etc.

My friend is client I writing he my IP and I am host I am writing my IP I create a game but he is cannot joined me game is creating error " Something has gone wrong and you lost connection to server " Gives me this error

I controlled security wall and everything is all right

I think this game has the option to start local game from the main menu after starting the game like Minecraft. Does anyone want to connect from steam or can not do user_settings.json file or bug in game (it was so at alpha 24) we can not play in the current beta. I think it will be better if you have the option to start the game.