Multiplayer Without Steam

A friend and I are wanting to try multiplayer without using steam since we’re running in offline mode. We set up the user_settings.json as needed for the server, but what does he as the client actually click on to join me once he starts his game? The only option multiplayer related is the create game. I have already created the game and placed my banner but we have no idea what he is supposed to click to join.

If he has the options set up in the user_settings, he just has to start the game. Be aware of the ports, if they don’t match he won’t be able to connect.

Okay so we got his to attempt to connect and now it tells him Something has gone wrong and lost connection to server as he tries to join. The port is forwarded correctly on both UDP and TCP and he has my correct external IP so I’m not sure why it would error on that end at least.

If he uploads/copy-pastes his stonehearth.log here there might be an error message on it that could give a hint on the problem.

Did you follow the instructions from this post or from the other post above?:

If he can ping you he should be able to connect :thinking:

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He is able to ping me, here is the pastebin of his log if you can see what the issue is there.

and yes I have followed the instructions from that particular post.

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Hello! Could you pm me the user settings for both computers? The log looks like the client just timed out, which probably means it just couldn’t reach the host. The host log would be useful too if you still have it, thanks!