Multiplayer help

can you play multiplayer on stonehearth from two different sites

What do you mean by “two different sites”?

Maybe from one who only has steam and one who doesn’t have steam at all?

there were bought from two different sites

we both have steam it just one of us bought from a different site

If you’re both on Steam, you should be able to join each other’s games normally.

Hi @stonegear

I don’t know how will you play but Multiplayer Without Steam You can also play

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Just FYI, those sites buy codes from steam, and sell them to people like you. As soon as you use the key on steam Where you got the key is irrelevant. (if it’s legal ofc.)

it was bought from humble bundle
i bought it from steam

Than there should not be any problem.

it was bought before it came out on steam

oh what you mean is “one of us has it ON steam, the other does not”
in which case you need to use the “non-steam” multiplayer instructions.

which would be this thread