Is there a way to play together via LAN without Steam?

I have heard that multiplayer with Lan is possible here but how do we do that?. There is the multiplayer option but after I make the server I don’t know how my friend can join the game. Do we have to edit files or download mods?

there’s a whole thread (with some common troubleshooting) here Multiplayer without Steam?

There are a couple of config files you’ll need to edit, but they’re just basic text files. Because it’s over LAN rather than the internet, at least you don’t have to worry about port forwarding etc.

Hope you get it set up smoothly, but if you do run into any questions, please feel free to ask for advice – someone will be happy to help out :merry:

I copied the text for host onto my json file and the client stuff onto his json with the ip on that with my ipv4 address but his game does not even run, it gives some error log

Mine does just fine. What mistakes have I made? I set the remote server to true but it still says false…

In the file on the right, looks like there’s an extra opening brace at the beginning, and an extra closing one before "audio".