Multiplayer without Steam?


Anymore luck with this? I want to make a server where I can host a roleplay/build/adventure location for several players. Is this possible? How many players? Thanks.


I cant seem to do it right. could you please upload a user_setting example?



Hey Mikey, what is the issue you’re seeing? The example you replied to is supposed to be copied into the user_settings.json. The host ip goes here needs to be replaced with the IP address of the host.

An example user settings file for the host might look like this if you copied your user id in:

	"user_id" : "<your user_id here>",
	"multiplayer" : {
		"server" : {
			"port" : 57093,
			"ip" : ""
		"remote_server" : {
			"enabled" : false
	"renderer" : {
		"run_once" : true,
		"use_high_quality" : true,
		"enable_dynamic_icons" : true,
		"enable_ssao" : false,
		"enable_shadows" : true,
		"msaa_samples" : 0,
		"shadow_quality" : 1,
		"max_lights" : 10,
		"max_shadows" : 1,
		"enable_vsync" : false,
		"enable_fullscreen" : false,
		"draw_distance" : 750,
		"graphics_preset" : 1,
		"recommended_graphics_preset" : 1,
		"last_window_x" : -77,
		"last_window_y" : 86,
		"window_width" : 1920,
		"window_height" : 1061,
		"window_maximized" : false,
		"last_screen_x" : 0,
		"last_screen_y" : 0,
		"screen_width" : 1920,
		"screen_height" : 1080


where should we write it on?


The user_settings.json file sits in your steam directory, which is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth for me, but could be wherever your library is. You can follow this guide to find your game files: Steam Community :: Guide :: How to access game files


@ayazar hi, thx for this guide but… how to join a multiplayer game without using Steam, and so the Steam Friend List ?? If the tricks is to simply launch the game on Client, the answer is “connection lost”.

Besides, no mods without Steam (neither ACE). Is there an other way to force LAN connection ?


Oh. I forgot to mention.
Have the host start the game and place a camp down first. then the user can start the game.


@Bolune the Client just have to launch the game ? The game will join automatically ?


Yes. After host makes game and places camp. Client just starts the game.


Yes it’s what I did. Ok thanks :slight_smile:


Also, you can force the game to ignore steam with this user setting:

"steam": {
   "enabled": false


Hate touching old threads like this but I’ve been attempting to get multiplayer without steam to work and every time I start stonehearth up it recreates the user_settings.json file and prevents me from joining the hosted game. Is multiplayer without steam no longer possible?