Stonehearth Multipplayer Without Steam

I’ve tried everything in the player_data.json file. Can someone give me exactly what goes into the player_data file for both host and client. Also how do I find my IP and port?

Hey there!

This thread has been the “guide” for all things multiplayer without steam since it happened. I’m linking it directly to the more important message (what goes on the file for server and for client) but any other trouble you might encounter, there’s likely an answer in there - just read a bit further or back :merry:

As for your own IP, if you’re trying to play with someone that is in the same network as you are (for example, someone else in your house) using the local network IPs will usually work, and you can get them either from your router settings or going into Search (if on Windows) > cmd.exe and then type “ipconfig” with no commas. You’ll find the IP as “IPV4”

If you’re trying to play online, you need your public IP address which is rather easy to obtain as well. Googling “what is my IP” usually suffices, it will give you several links of sites that will give you your public IP like this:

If you’re behind routers or firewalls, make sure to open the ports mentioned on the thread I linked (these are the ports you’ll be using). To open ports on windows, you can follow these instructions here

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