An issue with the steam keys

Well, the thing is. I backed the game at a 30 dollar level and had 2 keys delivered to me. one 15 dollar level. (only includes the full game on release.) and the 30 dollar level.

I accidentally attached the incorrect key to steam account, and have contacted humble bundle so it should be fixed in a couple of days or a week or two.

My question is if there will be a download link to the game without steam at launch. So that I can still play it without having to worry about my steam account until it’s been fixed on humble bundle?

So, will there be a drm free download as well as a steam key?

As far as I know there should be. The ability to use Steam was put there for those who wished to use it, there should also be the option to download things straight from the humble Store.

The store page would also indicate this:

“Alpha/Beta access to Stonehearth, with regular updates up to and including the Final Release Build, found right here on your download page, as they are completed”

So, no need to worry or panic! You should be set :slight_smile:

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Nice to know, I didn’t interpret it like that. Gewd Gewd!

No worries :slight_smile:

I’ll leave this open for the meanwhile as I’m sure we’ll have some more people in a similar situation :slight_smile:

I have different question, I used gift key to my steam account. Tell me, Will I had to choice the pet dog or kitty, or I get only the Mammoth?

You will receive the same rewards that the person who gifted you the key will receive :slight_smile:

So if they will be getting the pets then so will you!

The pets aren’t quite ready yet, but when they are I’m sure there will be instructions on how to obtain them.

welcome aboard @Adamkosiek! :smile:

as @Geoffers747 mentioned, you will get the same rewards as those of the person who gifted you the key… and depending on that pledge level, you’ll have a choice of the kitten and/or puppy (depending on pledge level), as well as the baby mammoth and dragon whelp…

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