Can't find my Kickstarter Key or pets download yet I have the game already?

So i was a $30 supporter of StoneHearth and have played it periodically over the past few years. So today I get the email about getting the pets (which I have long looked forward too) and am having trouble figuring it out.

I went to Humble Bundle which confirms I am a back but doesn’t list the game in my library. i find that odd since I am playing the game, how did I get it in the first place? So I went through the process to resend my keys and StoneHearth still doesn’t show up in my library let alone the pet pack.

Can someone help me figure out how to DL this pet pack so i can install the mod before I try 1.0?


Hey @gwattson, can you try again with the key resender?
There seemed to be some problem with your Humble Bundle page, and I think it’s fixed now.

This worked, thank you!

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Hey, I am having the same problem. I have the game in my Steam library from year(s) ago but it’s missing from my Humble account. This happened recently with another Kickstarter game that launched after several years (Chasm). They said they had to do something to fix it for me but it was more than just the key re-sender. Any ideas?

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@SeanieFive, could you check again if the game appears in your Humble Bundle library? (Or try with the key resender). I think it should be fixed now.

Let us know if you still have trouble with your Humble Bundle download page.

Got it in the re-sender now. Thanks a bunch!!

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