Steam Key Already Redeemed

I backed the game on Kickstarter, however when I try to redeem the key on Steam I get a message saying it has already been used. I would like some help with this.

Same for me. Kickstarter back, only just realised I can get a copy of the game.
So found my key on Humble Bundle. But the steam key dosen’t work.
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I’ve contacted Humble Bundle Support so hopefully they can sort it for me.

hey there @ocdmachine … welcome aboard! sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with your key…

have you tried downloading from Humble Bundle yet? if you find you are still unable to get the client, you can always reach out to and i’m sure TR will sort it out (however, given the holiday, a response might not happen immediately) …

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@SteveAdamo ninja’d me, but i’ll still page @sdee for you guys.


For me it looks like I can download the game, but I’d prefer to have it on steam.

I can download from humble just fine. Its just I’d like to get it on steam. I did send an email to support a couple months back, but didn’t get a reply. I understand its hard to keep up with everything which is why I decided to make something more visible.


As you mentioned, things do sometimes get lost…but you made the right choice posting here. @sdee or @brad should be able to provide some assistance to ensure you can get a valid Steam Key.


Hey @ocdmachine, I’ve manually unassigned your steam keys. Try generating and redeeming them again! Sometimes, the Humble Bundle algorithm that matches keys to accounts sometimes seems to get confused.


@Blutooth, I revoked your steam keys too, try again?


New key works. Thanks!