Is there anyway to get a key for stonehearth on steam even though i already bought it?

as the title said i bought stonehearth a long time ago but i usually like having my games on steam but it wasnt available at the time… is there any way i can convert that to a steam key or something? or is my only option to buy the game again?

You can get a steam key if you bought it through kickstarter or humblebundle. I do not know how, but it is possible. Just wait for someone that can help you better. (I guess you need to send the team an e-mail or something like that)

hey there @AdriannaVentara,

did you get the game through kickstarter or on if through the stonehearth website, you’ll need to go to, log into your account and go to your library, you should see stonehearth listed there, click it and you’ll have the option to redeem a steam key.

if you got the game through kickstarter however, i believe @sdee is the one who helps with that.

hope this helps, and if you need more clarification on anything just ask :slight_smile:

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alright ty i think i got it now.

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