I'd like to redownload this game

So i got this game when it was in like alpha 15 or 16 but i lost the installer and now i cant redwonload it. and theres no way for me to login to verify that i got it can someone please help me

Perhaps you could use your Steam-key instead, and download it via Steam?
I don’t recall from the top of my head, but I believe that if you login to your HumbleBundle page you should be able to claim your Stonehearth steam-key there.

May I get the link for the page?!?!?!

Only you hold the link of your humblebundle-page, really.
Log in to https://www.humblebundle.com and you should be able to locate it.

This topic provides all the details about how to access the game via Humble and obtain a Steam key.

buy now how do I use the key I got

If you obtain your steam-key for Stonehearth, head over to Steam and press “+ ADD A GAME” (lower left corner of the Steam UI).
Select “Activate A Product On Steam…” and enter your key.

Stonehearth should now be registered to your Steam account and you should be able to download and play via Steam :slight_smile: