Questions about Steam Key usage

I’m really unsure about how you would use the Steam Key. To be more specific:

  • Is it one-use?
  • Do I need to use it to download Stonehearth? In other words, can I not download it from the Humble Bundle website?
  • Once I use the Steam key, will I no longer be able to download it from the Humble Bundle website?

I’m sorry if these questions have already been asked, but this discourse layout is very confusing and I have no idea how to find things :S

I’m really excited to get Stonehearth, but I’d like to make sure I don’t trip up and do something stupid.

Your question should be answered here :arrow_right:

I’ve already looked at this page, and I’m still confused. It doesn’t mention the Steam key generator, and the comments aren’t very helpful. As far as I understand it, you can get the game from the Humble Bundle page, or transfer it to your Steam account so you can download it from there, but I’m just assuming, so I’d like to be sure.

(I don’t really know much about Humble Bundle, so if this is a Humble Bundle thing, please tell me.)

Well you can get your Steam key and download it via Steam once it’s out. Regarding to your original questions:

I believe it is.

I do think you have to download it via Steam. If not, someone please correct me.

I think that you can still download it off of Humble Bundle (assuming that there will be a download from there).

you redeem the steam code and you have the game once it is realesed really simple, if i did not fully answer the question just ask :smiley:

Okay, thanks for the replies.

I think you can download from Humble Bundle. From the page that says ‘Thanks for purchasing Stonehearth’. I doubt they would force us to have Steam to download it, since Steam came when the game was Greenlit.


You dont need steam to download if you dont want. You should be ablet to download the game from the humble bundle website once it is out.

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Steam keys are one use yes. I believe a new key will be provided when the game is ‘officially released’

You should be able to download straight from the Humble Store. Steam is there for those who wish to use it, it’s somewhat easier in that it automatically updates meaning you never have to worry about downloading new versions.

As far as I know yes, other games do it this way offering you both, some don’t - Starbound for example chose to solely distribute through Steam. As for Stonehearth, you should have the option of both - however if you redeem your Steam key you shouldn’t have to worry, either way you’ll have access :slight_smile:

It can be a little daunting at first, but don’t worry! The magnifying glass in the top right next to your picture is the search function and it works pretty well.

Failing that just click your way around and see what you can find. For example clicking the purple ‘support’ button at the top will take you to the support category :slight_smile:


There you have it. An answer from an amateur expert.

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Thanks for the responses. You are all awesome.


I try, I try. bows

this should be a helpful thread to reference…

as for this question, @sdee recently made this comment (which is captured in the thread as #9):

9) If I download from the humble bundle store, will I still be able to download the game on steam?

Yes, our goal is to offer steam keys AND downloads but our Steam story is not 100% finalized yet. More details coming!

After looking at humble bundle it seems we will get two different steam keys one for official release and one for the alpha

indeed… here’s a quote from @sdee:

These keys are good for the pre-release only. We may need to provide you with a different key once the game is released.

Okay so I bought the game off the website and was wondering how I put the game into my steam library?

You should get an email or two about it, no? IIRC there’ll be a link to a Humble Bundle page & you can get the Steam key from there.

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When you go to the download page in the humble bundle library there should be the Steam key there.

The steps to put the game into the Steam library are answered on question 8 of this post:

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hey there @ading6641 … welcome aboard! :smile:

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have fun with the game! :+1:

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