Problem with the Steam Key

hello guys

First: Sorry for my very bad English!

i’ve got a problem about my steam key for stonehearth, which is activated in my humble bundle account, but steam tells me, that this key is already in use, even though i did not activate it. so, i guess there went something wrong, might be i got a key which is already in use? On the other side, the gift key worked without having any issues, which i sent to my brother

Greetings from Germany

Auf Deutsch:

Der Steam Key den mir Humble Bundle generiert ist angeblich schon auf einen anderen Account in Benutzung. Jedoch habe ich den Key in keinem Account aktiviert. Der Gäste Key der an meinen Bruder ging ließ sich ohne Probleme aktivieren. Liegt es evtl. daran das die Alpha einfach noch nicht erschienen ist?

I’m sure one the moderators will come along and explain to you what steps you should take to help you. Have you tried sending an e-mail to for help? Don’t forget to tell them that you used Kickstater or The Humble Bundle to get Stonehearth? They could use that information to find out what happened to your key.

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hi there @Armi2k5! sorry to hear the process is not working as expected… since the gift key is working, it would seem (at least) Humble Bundle does have a record of your transaction… so, thats promising!

i would suggest reaching out to Humble Bundle directly via… explain the situation, and im sure they can get you squared away… if you have any transaction details (emails from when you pledged), that will be helpful as well…

if you have any other questions about the process, you could take a look at this thread as well…

good luck, and keep us posted… :+1:

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Great, today is the December 30th and no one can help me. Neither Radiant nor Steam. Humble bundle didn’t even answer on my messages in the last 7 days. I noticed, that I’ve thrown/wasted (out) my 50 $ / bucks out for nothing. (It’s great to treat customers like this, isn’t it?)

I was told from Steam to contact Humble Bundle and I was told from Radiant to contact Humble Bundle.
In fact, it seems like, that Humble Bundle doesn’t even care even care to answer me about it.

What i am Supposed to do? more or less i’m getting angry… I’ve already lost my joy for that game. :frowning:


Hello Armi,

when you are loosing joy for an game, wich isn’t even coming out soon … (remember … today is ALPHA release …) cause something is going wrong … cough
And how you can see, even if humble wasn’t able to answer … Steve had answered you in no time. Don’t worry, i think this will be a bit rough, but in the end, everyone will get his joy on this tiny bughunting ^^
There are much bigger publishers out there, wich aren’t able to release software in an customerfriendly way … so if we will have a few things going wrong here, there always be an solution for it, just wait a bit.

best regards

Sorry but it’s very frustrating

and completely understandable! I’m sure this will all get sorted out…

I would try reaching out to HB once more… and absolute worst case scenario, you can always install the client you gifted to your friend, until your own local copy gets sorted out…

Like i said … in no time … when the hell are they sleeping?

Just wanted to say, don’t let things like this destroy the joy. It’s not worth it ^^

best regards

Am I able to download the first alpha client using Humble Bundle?

If so, then Humble Bunble can relax for some time…for now :smiley:

I tried my steam key and it works but it’s a GFX test 2 client.

It’s the 30th here but I guess it’s 30th in the USA before it comes out.

I hope it’s just a simple update to the real alpha and all good there after.

The problem with anything right now is that very few people are working and will be much harder to get anything fixed , until mid January at the quickest.

with any luck, yes… certainly your friend who claimed the gift key you provided…

yup, that should be how it works… :+1:

Well that’s annoying isn’t it!

Unfortunately this isn’t anything Radiant, or Steam can handle as far as I know, and so you will have to contact Humble and wait for their response.

I appreciate that it is a frustrating situation but it will get sorted eventually.

As I said, unfortunately this isn’t something Team Radiant can resolve and it’s definitely odd that your Steam key is saying it has been activated straight away.

Apologies if this is patronising - you didn’t accidentally send your brother the normal link did you? Meaning that he has redeemed your key? What happens if you try and redeem the “Gift Key” does it say it has still been used?

If he has Stonehearth in his Steam Library I would try and redeem both keys and see if either one of them works.

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Yes, my brother get the Gift Key and he has Stonehearth in his Steam Library. He used the Gift Key and it works fine.

But my Key did not work because the key is already activated at Steam. But not by me or my brother !!!

Ah okay, have you tried to activate both keys just to see what happens? I imagine they will both say that they have been redeemed.

Unfortunately I think this is something that you will need to wait to hear back from Humble as Team Radiant will have no control over this.

Luckily you should still be able to download Alpha 1 straight from the Humble Store so don’t worry!

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key takeaway here folks… keep this in mind! :+1:

Hi Guys,

just a small update, just to let you know…till now humble bundle still hasn’t answered any of my mails!!! :frowning:

that… is troubling… @sdee, any advice for this customer service starved user?

Hey @Armi2k5, you are not alone. Several people are having this problem. Steam/Humble Bundle still aren’t sure what the cause is but if you email me again at contact@radiant with the e-mail address you’re using for HB, I can (now) issue a hotfix to your account.

Humble Bundle was short staffed over the holidays, which might be why they didn’t get to your emails. They logged in over their break to put the build bits up, though, for which we were super appreciative.

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just because it threw me off initially (:smile:) :

nice… new powerz! :+1:

ahh, but of course…

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Hey sdee,
you´ve got a Mail :smiley:

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