Where is the game?


I buy this game but i can’t find where to download it !!! Why it so complicate to have the alpha version… Every time i try to have (clic on a link where it sais you can have it), i need to pay 30$ AGAIN !!!

Where is the steam key, if it exist ???
Why i don’t see it on humble bundle ???

I buy this game from this web site… it is a humble bundle version or steam ???

Is not fun at all to loose our time just trying to find where is this alpha version. I pay for it but good luck to find it…

You make a BIG button on your front page to have it but it alway for the 30$
Can we have a button for those who already pay fot it on you front page, at least the link where to find it !!!

sorry i’m rude but you probably guest it… it from a pissed customer.

its not really difficult … after purchase you get an email and with this you add stonehearth to your humblebundle library … there you can find the newest released stable version and the key for steam? there are all infos in the purchaseemail?


Thx for the info

it was not my first instinc to retrive the old email to have the link for the new version. Now i hope i don’t delete it.
can you tell me the name of the sender. It is from Stone Hearth, from the game company, from humble bundle ou steam ? It will help me to find the email ?

@Wiese2007 I can buy stonehearth in Humble Bundle ? https://www.humblebundle.com

Even if you delete the email with your humble bundle key, you can always have humble bundle resend you your keys via the humble bundle key resender: Order Resender

Just put in your email address and they will send all the keys bought with that email address back to that email address. Claim the pages to your account, and you can see them any time you log in.

The email should be from Humble Bundle.